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Chronic Pain Relief

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NeuroRevive for Patients

Become a NeuroRevive Therapist

Mentorship by Denise


Denise Cameron is the most thought-provoking therapist I have ever worked with. Her ambition of knowledge, inquisitive nature, and ability to utilize the answers she finds has made her a leader in her field, a highly sought-after therapist, and a resource for many.

Shockwave therapy has enjoyed the achievement of critical mass in the rehabilitation field, but many therapists under-utilize the modality. Denise understands how the modality operates in conjunction with the patient’s body; how it operates in conjunction with other modalities; and enables the therapist to maximize the therapeutic outcome. A course offered by Denise which teaches the modality of Shockwave will not just learn about shockwave. Any student of her course will graduate with a better understanding of the art and science of patient care, and learn a great deal about his or her own practice. The addition of this knowledge will have an exponential increase in his or her practice" Vince, Medelco Rep

Our Clients Say

"Working with Denise has been such a fun journey, she has a talent for making you feel heard and understood with genuine connection. She has a wealth of knowledge for teaching and diagnostics, but what stands out is her ability to tap into unspoken words like she has a direct line of communication to your soul. As a fellow RMT she teaches me so much about the field, as a mentor she gives me confidence, and as a therapist, her treatments truly blend you to connect within your own healing power. Keep rocking girl !" 

Sandra Fattibene, RMT Ontario, Canada

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