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Understanding Chronic Pain

In my book “Unravelling the Mystery of Chronic Pain” I delve into the intricate complexities of chronic pain, providing readers with profound insights into it’s origin’s and manifestations. In this comprehensive book, I discuss the 6 key factors that contribute to the perpetuation of chronic pain, offering a deeper understanding of how the body becomes entangled in this relentless loop. 


By unravelling the mechanisms behind chronic pain, the book empowers readers with an easy to understand knowledge of how to comprehend how THEIR pain has developed over time. Moreover, it goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by recognizing that each individual’s experience of chronic pain is unique. Through detailed exploration, readers can identify the specific combination of factors that have led to their pain, thus gaining personalized insight into their condition. 


Armed with this newfound understanding, readers are equipped to design a tailored plan to address their chronic pain effectively. The book guides them in crafting a personalized approach to tackle the root causes, rather than merely treating the symptoms. This holistic perspective enables readers to take charge of their well-being an embark on a journey towards lasting relief and improved quality of life. 


“Chronic Pain is a series of habitual events that have no end”,  Once you can pinpoint where the tension began, and what factors are adding load to your dysfunction, you can slowly unwind the layers that cause pain and general dysfunction. The solution to chronic pain is “the healing must be greater than the causation”. 


Basically said; treating pain is like a sinking boat! The key lies in ensuring that the outflow of water exceeds the inflow. As a NueroRevive therapist, it becomes crucial to assess the patients “sinking boat”, understanding the underlying causes. By crafting treatments that surpass the causative factors, the therapist can effectively steer the patient towards relief and recovery. Just as the boat need’s more water to escape than what it takes in, the therapeutic approach must outweigh the pains root causes, leading to a successful and transformative healing process. 

I push the boundaries to say that all pain is acute pain or autoimmune pain. If you do not heal in the normal time frame, then you are diagnosed with chronic pain. Pain is very simple; it's the brains way of communicating a problem that requires caution or a solution. If you are in pain, then your body is crying for a solution. It's like a baby that nobody really understands, so it's about trial and error until you find the solution that offers comfort.

What if you knew how to listen to those messages and knew exactly what to do? NeuroRevive is more than a technique, it's a collaboration of patient education, therapist skills enhancement and the ability for the patients to work with their therapist, and therapists work with each other. 

Chronic pain is nothing more than an original event that created a compensation, that created a blockage, that created another compensation, that created an inflammation cycle that will not end because the blockage and the compensation won't let it! 

Stop this cycle and stop your pain!! First you need to understand your body deeply, what it asking of you, then come up with a plan to slowly unwind the layers and decrease the "volume" of pain you are experiencing while breaking the cycle, eventually leading you to maintain a healthy vibrant body.

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