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NeuroRevive Therapy

Unwinding Chronic Pain


The body is more complex than one person's mind could ever comprehend. Even the most advanced doctors and scientists only scratch the surface of their perspective fields. Chronic Pain is a condition that perplexes most everyone in both the Main Medical stream and the Healing Arts. All we can do is take the accumulation of what we know,  and the up to date research, to help people to the best of our abilities. The same is true for my 30  year career helping people move past chronic pain. I have taken 6000 plus hours of education, add in years of experience, and  innate inner intuition to lead to the discovery that the body has several consistent rules and principles that it likes to be followed when receiving manual therapy. 

A therapist who is trained in NueroRevive has passed extensive training in understanding these rules and applying them to their practice to provide you the client with the best possible healing. When you dive down to the basic physiology of a cell that is causing the pain you are experiencing today, lays an electrical impulse that tells your brain to send you a message. The pain you feel right now is a message  from the brain that there is something wrong. What if the pain you are feeling is so simple that I could say "it's easy to get rid of your pain, just reset those to cells back to -70mv" Our tissues at rest with no pain are sitting at a resting polarization of -70mv. That cell must reach +40mv in order to hit a contraction, and the closer your cells are to +40 the easier it is to get a painful contraction. 

Yes, all therapist are trying to do the same thing. Balance your body to -70mv. But that's easier said than done. Even if we get the body to -70, it can shift back up as quickly as you set it down. There are many different factors that cause the body to not hold its comfortable resting charge. NeuroRevive was created to Revive the Nervous System back to Homeostasis. There are a series of techniques that a therapist are taught to follow, but the more important and miraculous of this method are the founding principles each practitioner follows to ensure they are achieving the effected results. Students ask me, what do I do next? I reply with "follow the rules and you will figure it out". This pushes the practitioner to become confident in their personal skill to achieve long lasting results for their clients. 

If you receive a treatment from different NeuroRevive practitioners you will find very quickly that they all have one thing in common; They can feel the layers of tension in the body, and know how to release those layers like a game of Jenga. The layer that they release is permanent! That layer will not come back, it will be gone, and ready to release the next layer. NeuroRevive is designed for therapists to collaboratively work together, one picking up where the other left off. 

Each therapist is taught how to rewind the cycle that causes chronic unresolved  pain. Every principle is founded on scientific findings that support the theories required to balance the nervous system back to it's -70mv.  These principles are coupled with the principles that cause pain. Simply put, "Chronic pain is caused by a series of habitual events that have no end. And will not resolve until the healing is greater than the creation" DC. 

NeuroRevive is a breakthrough in the philosophy of how the body unwinds the damage placed upon it, so it can heal within the normal time that tissues are meant to heal. 

For more information on the causes of Chronic Pain download my  Book "unravelling the mystery of chronic pain" Where I take you on a journey of how I discovered the principles of what causes chronic pain, and the principles of how to unwind it and the creation of the NeuroRevive Technique. 

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