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What can I expect from a NeuroRevive Session?

Each therapist will use their training and skillet to find the root cause of dysfunctions and slowly release the layers that that are causing you pain. You will be asked questions about your pain history, and assessed on range of motions and body limitations. It is important that you talk to your therapist about both your short term and long term goals. Some clients may only require 3-4 sessions to unwind their pain, while others may be much longer. It is going to depend on both how many layers you have, and what your goals are. The sessions are designed to be as relaxing as possible in order to speed up the neural releases, there may mild discomfort when hitting some of the blockages , but you can request the therapist take their time so you do not have experience additional pain and discomfort. 

How will I feel after a session?

When your body has released a long term holding pattern it rushes endorphins into the blood stream, this feels different for everyone. Some feel so euphoric they say "I feel like I am in another dimension" while other say "I feel really relaxed" and others are overjoyed with the pain relief they finally have. Every layer of tension has emotions attached, you could laugh, cry, or just feel a sense of contentment. 

How long are the sessions?

Rewinding the layers take time. This depends on the therapist skill level and the accumulated layers of the patient. Most clients after one session ask for a 90 minute to get most from their time. Once the layers start releasing they can speed up as the nervous system understands what is happening. I have some therapist who will treat up to 2-3 hours in a session. If you choose a long session, your body will need to adapt, both emotionally and physical proprioception. Your therapist will be your coach to ensure you are adapting to your environment. 

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