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Mentorship by Denise

Advancing YOUR career to the next level.

Unlock your potential to become the most effective and skilled Massage Therapist you want to be with Mentor by Denise! Mastery in the field of healing takes years, dedication to the craft, endless hours of research, mistakes and trial and error. Masters within the healing industry have experienced what works, and what does not work. Working with a mentor gives you the opportunity to become an expert in your field, through fine tuning your palpation and intuition so you can feel confident in your abilities as a Manual Therapist.  

At the heart of a confident therapist lays a pattern of client results mixed with a booming business. We focus on maintaining both the Health and Skill of the Healer, to skyrocket their confidence both as a healer, business owner and intelligent therapist! 

A  great therapist who is booked in advance charging a premium for their service is created throughout the program. With a little hard work, dedication, skill, and a top notch support team, results simply fall into place.  A therapist who is confident in their skills and results know's what they are worth and accepts only the best in their business. A confident therapist cannot be taught in a weekend mastermind class. It comes from seeing your results with clients day after day, and learning to focus on your skills not your struggles. 

It is my goal to teach you how to become the best Healer you are capable of. Healing is an ART, and all artists have a passion for their craft, always improving and creating a better version of who they are were yesterday.

YOU are unique, you have a unique set of skills, intuition, desires, and love for the field. It is my job to help you advance your skills, intuition, and self mastery to reach whatever potential you dream of.  

In my 30 years in the healing arts, I have come to appreciate that each therapists possess  a unique skill set that they alone can do. I have students who have skills that I nor anyone else has. My personal skill is listening to the body and knowing exactly what the person needs. I have a unique ability to feel tension's in the body from deep inside the bone, fascia, meridian lines, muscles, lymph and nerves to the outer layer within the aura. My palpation skills are coupled with the ability to tune into YOU as a therapist, feel what you feel, which gives me the ability to guide you to greater skill level. 

I believe that each person in the Healing Arts can tap into their own innate healing, and that of others to help assist a person on their personal journey. No matter what your designation is, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Manual Osteopathic, Chiropractic, Reiki; we are all trying to do the same thing. Help our clients self heal the cellular biological body into homeostasis balance, and there are many different approaches that work for some and not others. Each therapist must be in tune with their skills and methods and know who they can help and who they cannot, offer their patients the utmost professionalism, respect and confidence in their ability to perform the best job they can. It's my job to ensure YOU as the healer are skilled at such as task. 

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