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Become Certified in NeuroRevive

Welcome to the vibrant and supportive community of NeuroRevive practitioners! Here, you will find a dynamic group of professionals committed to advancing their careers to the level of mastery. We believe that true expertise is not merely about collecting certificates and education but about skillfully applying that knowledge with confidence and creativity. 


In this community, we celebrate the art of healing and understand that the real measure of success lies in the results we achieve for our clients.  Through ongoing collaboration and shared experiences, you will have he opportunity to refine your technique’s, deepen your understanding of the human body, and explore innovative approaches to pain management and wellness. 


We value the joy of learning and believe that continuous growth is the key to a fulfilling career. As a NeuroRevive practitioner, you will have access to a wealth of resources, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to expand your skillset and stay at the forefront of your field. 


Support and camaraderie are at the heart of our community. Whether you are facing challenging cases or seeking inspiration, you will find encouragement from fellow practitioner’s who share your passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. 


Working collaboratively can reduce professional burnout by supporting one another and alleviate stress and prevent feelings of isolation. It can also provide opportunities for peer support and mentoring, helping practitioners grow both personally and professionally. 


I have spent my 30 year career unravelling the causes of chronic pain and looking for the most effective solutions to relieving patients discomfort. Chronic pain is a complex issue, and having a deep understanding of it’s underlying mechanisms is crucial when treating clients living with pain. NeuroRevive will teach you more than a great new technique, it will equip you with a cornerstone of confidence in both treating, educating and coaching your clients.


NeuroRevive is not just another course; it is an encompassing family network that will be by your side throughout your entire career journey. The community’s primary focus is on providng unwavering support to help you achieve mastery in your skills and discover your distinctive intuitive healing abilities. 


Within the program you will:


*Understand the physiology of how the meridian lines function and how to palpate any meridian pathway. 

*Understand how to unwind the physiological damage that causes chronic discomfort and dysfunction

*Advance your palpation skills to recognize the difference between layers of tension in the body and how to release them with confidence

*Have the ability to educate your clients on what causes chronic pain and help assess what is at the root cause of their pain

*Understand how the body is connected through BioTensegrity Structure, Cycles of Inflammation, Meridian communication, and blockages both physically and emotionally. 

*Treat any condition with confidence, leaving you the opportunity to have a generalized practice or specialize in your favorite condition or demographic. 

*Be eligible to become an instructor or coach

*Receive ongoing support and education in advancing your career in the Healing Arts

What Therapist say

Dessica RMT, Calgary

I never anticipated how much I would adore NeuroRevive. It's incredibly thrilling to understand precisely what I'm palpating. I had no idea that I possessed a hidden talent, until Denise made is obvious to me. My client now say my work is highly focused, and they feel significantly better. 

Jenna Howe, DOMP, Victoria BC

As an Osteopathic Practitioner, my treatments differ significantly from massage, yet NeuroRevives principles seamlessly align with osteopathic. I've noticed a significant improvement in my assessment and palpation skills, but what fascinates me is how better I can critically analyze my treatment plans.  

Kirsten, Cobourg Ontario


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